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SonShines Crispy Calamari

 CFA registered


dob 8.22.17

White (Gold Eyes) 3wd Polydactyl



SonShines Country Star x SonShines Holy Cannoli

Bred here at Son Shine Coons

Passed May 2020


This girl! Calamari is fearless, sassy, and sweet! She loves to help during shower time, loves to chew toes, and loves to snuggle! We just love her ear set, shape, and size, her profile and chin, her long square body, and her personality! Not to mention she is a second generation Son Shine baby! 

Her mom, Cannoli, was bred here at Son Shine. After struggling with her first litter and ultimately loosing all 5 babies, we knew hat we were going to watch her second litter closely for a daughter to stay here at Son Shine. Cannoli did well over all but we made the decision that she just needed to be a pet so she was spayed and placed in her forever home. Calamari was exactly what we were hoping for from Cowboy and Cannoli and we are thrilled to have her here in our program!

Calamari blessed us with one amazing litter and we are thrilled that her daughter, Kavara, is queen at Kanu Coons. Sadly our sweet Cal passed away due to a horrible infection known as pyometra that gave us no warning. We do hope to have a granddaughter of hers one day in our program. 



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C sound. I'm forever adding names to my "future kitty" names list and one night at dinner I jokingly said that Calamari would be a good name! My  husband thought I was crazy (but I am!). I swear I was joking at first but then I grew to love it and thought it was super cute! I was just waiting for the perfect

baby to come along. When trying to figure out our little girls name,

I was going through my list and saw Calamari. That was it!

I knew she would be my little Crispy Calamari!

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