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SonShines Holy Cannoli

CFA registered

dob 9.8.15

White (Gold Eyes)



Carries Solid

Retired November 2017 


Bred by Son Shine Coons


Oh Cannoli! What a happy, sweet, playful girl! I wanted nothing more to keep a blue eyed white girl out of Kiz to carry on his lines once he retires. Although Cannoli had two blue eyed white sisters, I felt that Cannoli represented the breed standard best and sacrificed the blue eyes. I couldn't be happier with the decision. She's a beautiful girl and a wonderful addition to our breeding program. She carries on Kiz' lines as well as Kaydees.

After a heartbreaking first litter and rocky second litter, we made the decision for Cannoli to live out her life as a spoiled pet. Sometimes they're just not meant to be mommas. We have her daugher, Calamari, to carry on her lines and we are thankful for that!



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C. One of my favorite desserts are cannolis. There is a wonderful little Italian restaurant not far from us who has the mose delicious cannolis. One day I was craving them and a lightbulb turned on! What a wonderful name for a future Son Shine baby! I added it to the list and waited for the perfect white addition to the Son Shine family. Then came our beautiful little gold eyed white girl.

The name was perfect for her! Meet Cannoli!

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