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KanuCoons King Caspian of SonShines

CFA registered

dob 5.28.18

Cream Silver Mackerel Tabby


Carries Solid

Forest Wild Charm Eliot of KanuCoons x Tarheel Paws Tia of KanuCoons

Bred by D and Angel of Kanu Coons (Alabama)

We had been watching for a new boy for quite some time now. With Chaos getting older, we wanted to find the perfect boy for our program to take Chaos' place when the time came. We knew we wanted dilute and were hoping for solid (or at least to carry solid). We dabbled with the idea of a nice quality smoke to increase our odds of silvers in our program and even played with the idea of poly. We considered cream but we were leaning more towards blue. BUT, then came Caspian <3

Caz is a combination of lines from here in America, France, and Russia. We immediately started to watch him from birth because he was so pale and fit several of our requirements for a future male! Angel knew he was something special! I was intrigued by the idea of a cream silver tabby as a future king for Son Shine! Knowing that we would have more silvers, more smokes, and more reds/creams was exciting! When he was 9 weeks old I had the pleasure of meeting him. Angel had warned me about how sweet and precious he was but when he curled up in my lap and tucked his head....oh my! We watched his development for another week and a half and then the decision was made!

This boy is soooooo sweet! He wants to be with us constantly and purrs like he doesn't know how not to! He also makes biscuits...always! Even while walking!  His muzzle and profile! He's just matured absolutely beautifully and has some produced some amazing babies!

Thank you to both Angel and D of Kanu Coons for yet another amazing baby! 



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C. The name Caspian has been on my favorites list for quite some time. Its the firs name I considered for Caz but kept searching. We spent a couple weeks looking at hundreds of names and considering a few but I just kept going back to Caspian! I wanted a strong name for him but a soft sweet name. Caspian just fit so the decision was made and Caspian had a name!

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