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SonShines Carbon Copy

 CFA registered


dob 2.18.18

Blue Smoke with White

HCM and PKDef n/n

SMA and PKD n/n by parentage

Bred here at Son Shine Coons 


Miss CopyCat, more often known as CC! We debated for weeks when CC was young about keeping her or not. Ultimately we decided to place her in a pet home. As she matured she got nicer and nicer and we regretted it of course! Well, CC found her way back to Son Shine and after she settled in so well, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to officially add her to our program! CC is the daughter of our retired male Chaos and our Russian import Kaiza. She continues the solid, dilute, and silver gene in our program and is a wonderful balance of both of her parents! She's a sweet girl with a motorboat purr that will make you smile! We can't wait to see what she offers our program!



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C sound. CCs litter name here at Son Shine was Figure Skating (she was part of our Winter Games litter). Her name when she left us was Sadie. Sadie just didn't fit her for us. However, she is so similar in looks to her grandfather, Keeko. We decided her registered name would be SonShines Carbon Copy, call name CopyCat, most often nicknamed CC!

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