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CoroCoons Clementine of SonShines

CFA registered


dob 9.8.20

Red Classic Tabby with White


All Four Feet Poly


HissyFitCoons Artemis x SonShines Calypso of CoroCoons

Bred by Cindy Oliveri of Coro Coons (Georgia)


Our fiery little Clementine! Sweet but sassy! This girl is gorgeous and so important to our program. She ties back to our foundation pair and I can't thank Cindy enough for blessing us with her! Her mom, Calypso, was out of our gorgeous redhead, Cabby. We had intended on keeping a kitten from Cabby, however, we never got to. When Cabby retired I went to Cindy, in hopes that Calypso would bless us with the perfect little red girl to add back in to our program. I saw nothing but hearts and stars when I first saw her. She was perfect!

She still is perfect! She is her mom made over and reminds me so much of our foundation queen, Cleo. Her muzzle is perfect. I love her eye shape and ear placement. She has a gorgeous full coat with that beautiful long tail! I'm really just smitten with her! She is a wonderful mom and has produced some beautiful babies for us as well. We are just so thankful to have her as a part of our program!



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C sound. As a baby, we were back and forth between two names for our girl. Clementine, or Caliente. This little girl was more sweet than hot though so Clementine won the contest. It sure does fit!

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