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Cotton Candy

SonShines Cotton Candy

CFA registered


dob 6.26.21

White (Gold Eyes)


Carries Solid

All Four Feet Poly


Gambler Dom Sapfiroff x KanuCoons Kamari of SonShines

Bred by us here at Son Shine Coons


This girl! It didn't take long for Craig to become smitten with this little white ball of fluff when she was just a few weeks old. He knew I would be watching she and her sister as a potential keeper and he was determined, Cotton Candy was the one! As she developed it was clear, she WAS the one! 

Cotton Candy gives us the lines from her mom, Kamari, who pulls several generations back from Son Shine Coons. She also is the only kitten from her dad, Casino, to continue his lines here in our program. I love the look of Cotton Candy. Her ears are perfect. Her eye shape and muzzle have only gotten better as times go on! I'm very proud of her! She has produced some gorgeous babies for us already and is a wonderful mom. We hope to keep the perfect littlewhite girl from her when we find her!



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C sound. It was a task to find a name that the whole family loved. We bounced a few around but her beautiful white fluffy coat reminded me of cotton. However, she's as sweet as candy! Hence the combination, Cotton Candy!

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