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Mrs. Paws Honeysuckle Bailey

CFA registered


dob 3.11.11

Brown Classic Tabby

dna HCM N/N


Retired May, 2016


Front Feet Polydactyl

Carries solid and dilute


Bred by Darla Bohnet of Mrs. Paws Maine Coons



I had wanted to add a poly girl to our lines for quite some time. I will be ever so thankful to Kristi of Black Tie Farms for casually mentioning the availability of Kymber. I knew I had to have her!


Kymber is an unbelievably sweet girl! She loves to be in your lap and just rolls and rubs. She also LOVES the dogs. Makes me smile! She is a little nervous at first, but once she's comfortable, watch out! She's just a lover! Kymber has blessed us with some gorgeous babies, inlcuding our future boy Cowboy sired by Corona. She will now get to live out her life absolutely adored by my little sister, Jessie. Jessie has loved Kymber since Kymber joined our family. I couldn't be happier!



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C. Before Kymber came to us, she went by Bailey. Now, there is nothing wrong with the name Bailey, BUT, I know so many pets named Bailey from working in boarding kennels for 14 years! I just can't have such a common name. When you look at Kymber she has this big bad look to her. She's a big girl, solid, and hates to have her picture taken so she almost looks mean. So, we thought the name Kymber would fit well. Kymber, in relation to Kimber America Handguns, but with a little spelling change. Love this sweet girl though!

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