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SonShines Tequila Sunrise

CFA registered


dob 3.6.20

Brown Classic Tabby with White



CoroCoons Odd-Eyed Eddy x KanuCoons Kerenza of SonShines

Bred here by us at Son Shine Coons


My girl! Quilas mom is our retired queen, Kerenza. Kerenza was a dream girl for me, my first high white cat. When Kerenza had her first litter, we sadly lost each baby. When the second litter came, I was terrified, however I knew I wanted to keep the perfect girl  just in case we didn't get another litter from Kerenza. We had several we were able to evaluate but Quila was the one!

Quila brings so much of our American lines in with a blend of European lines. Her features are the perfect mix of the two! 



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C sound. Several months back I came across the name Nicolette and thought Colette was a pretty name. I joked with Cole and told him that whenever we finally added his tortie we should name her Colette since his name is in the name. Well, here she is, and the name just fits perfectly!

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