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Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in our babies! The first step to adding a Son Shine Coon to your family is to fill out our adoption application!

Our cats are our pets. Every kitten birthed and raised in our home is a precious blessings to us. It is our responsibility to make sure that these babies find their forever homes where they will be well cared for and adored as long as they live! For that reason, we believe that we need to do everything possible to be sure each family has been screened and will be the perfect fit for each kitten. We appreciate your cooperation and honesty and hope to find you the perfect new family member!

NONREFUNDABLE Deposits will be used for the purpose of boarding if purchase is canceled by the buyer.  A deposit is $500 of the purchase price sent via Zelle, cashier's check, or personal check made out to Danielle Hightower. This deposit will hold your kitten until he/she is of age to leave. The remainder of the purchase price is due at or before pick-up and is to be paid in cash. If kitten is being delivered payment must be received at least 14 days prior to kittens departure. Kitten must be picked up/transported no later than 14 days after said cat/kittens date of availability. If kitten is still here 14 days after date of availability the contract is void and received deposit is not returned or transferred to another kitten. Should something happen and your kitten is not fit for purchase, you will have the choice of any other kitten of equal value that is available, a kitten from a future litter, or a refund of $500 for your deposit paid. If you change your mind and no longer want the kitten you have chosen, your deposit will not be returned. That deposit can however be placed towards another available kitten or a kitten from a future litter at Son Shine Coons. If the current $500 deposit is put towards another available kitten or a kitten from a future litter, a second $500 deposit would be required for that kitten. Then $1000 would be placed towards the second kitten. By sending the $500 nonrefundable deposit, you agree to the above terms.


We have made the difficult decision to become a 100% closed cattery. This means that we will no longer allow families in to our home to pick up their babies. Due to the possibility of several contagious catastrophes spreading through homes and other catteries (fungal infections, viral infections, parasites, etc.), we've made this decision to keep our cats safe, healthy, and protected the best we possibly can. We have nothing to hide and would be more than happy to speak with you further if you have any questions or concerns.


Under no circumstance does Son Shine Coons support the inhumane act of declawing.

If you are still interested in adding a Son Shine Coon to your family, please fill out the below questionnaire or click here for our Word document to fill out by hand. 

Signing and submitting this form gives Son Shine Coons permission to check your vet and home references and acknowledges that you have answered everything honestly, have read and understood our nonrefundable deposit statement, and are ready to add a Son Shine baby to your family. You also understand that this does not guarantee you a kitten and that Son Shine Coons has the right to approve or deny your application.


Please, if you are filling out an adoption application, also send us an email or message letting us know as they don't always come through to our email right away. 

If you do not get a confirmation thank you message after submitting your form, it unfortunately did not go through. Please resubmit followed with an email letting us know that you sent in an application. 

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