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KanuCoons Belle Colette

CFA and TICA registered


dob 10.5.18




HissyFitCoons Artemis of Kanu Coons x CoroCoons Kyesi of KanuCoons

Bred by D and Angel Grammer of Kanu Coons (Alabama)


Oh Colette!! I love a gorgeous tortie! We've had a few over the years and have considered keeping them but none have been "the one". We didn't give up though! When this gorgeous little girl arrived at Kanu Coons we immediately started to watch her, just hoping that she would be amazing. Look at her! She's beyond amazing and gets better with age! 

Colette is a gorgeous tortie. She is 3/4 European lines and actually brings some of our lines together.  Her ears are tall and placed proportionately with thick paint brush lynx tips. She has a gorgeous profile; a beautiful strong chin and juicy muzzle! She is just a gorgeous girl and we are so incredibly thankful to have her here with us!



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C sound. Several months back I came across the name Nicolette and thought Colette was a pretty name. Well, here she is, and the name just fits perfectly!

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