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SonShines Classy Cabernet

CFA registered


dob 12.1.15

Red Classic Tabby with White 

HCM/SMA/PKD/PKDef n/n by parentage

Carries solid and dilute

Retired October 2020


Secret shadow El Tigre x SonShines Lady Caledonia

Bred by Son Shine Coons with the help of Coro Coons


I love this girl! We bred Cabbys mom, Callie, to Coro Coons handsome red and white boy Killian in hopes of getting a red/silver tabby girl to hold back. While that baby wasn't in the stars for us, Callie and Killian had something even better in store! Cabby is gorgeous! She is a sweet girl with nice tall ears, wonderful ear placement with lovely lyx tips, a great muzzle and that lovely deep color with clear classic pattern. She's wonderful and we can't thank Coro Coons enough for helping us to add such a great girl to our program! Most importantly, she will continue on our foundation lines for Son Shine Coons!

Cabby has produced some absolutely amazing babies here at Son Shine. We are thrilled to have one of her daughters, Calypso, continuing the legacy at Coro Coons and her granddaughter, Clementine, continuing her legacy her at Son Shine!



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C sound. I had the name Clementine picked for a future red girl of mine but Clementine didn't seem to fit this little girl. Her given "litter" name was Kay and although I considered keeping that, it didn't seem to fit her either. Then it clicked. I've always loved the name Cabernet and with our little girl being such a dark red color I thought it would be perfect! Miss Cabernet, Cabby for short. 

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