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Bellacoons Oh Calamity of SonShine

Retired January 2017

CFA, ACFA, and ACA registered


dob 4.14.15

Brown Spotted Tabby with White 

Calamity is a four wide polydactyl. 7/6/5/5



Bred by Christina Bello of Bellacoons


Oh Calamity! It was love at first sight with this little girl. I had been longing for a four wide poly girl for quite some time. Finally, Christina contacted me with a litter update and two poly girls, one high white and one low white. While both were gorgeous, I fell head over heals for Calamity! I adore her flashy white, her big feet full of toes, all of her brown mismark spots on her face and legs, and that gorgeous spotted pattern! Her personality is to die for. She is so sweet and easy going. A constant purr box going too! I will forever be grateful to Christina for allowing this precious gem to join Son Shine Coons!

Calamity has officially retired after blessings us with two beautiful litters. She will now enjoy the rest of her life as a spoiled pet!



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C. I had a few names in mind for this special little girl. Within in a couple weeks of updates from Christina, I was sold. My precious little girl was always up and talking. She was the first to learn how to get out of the birthing box and the first to escape the play pen. She was a clumsy little girl and full of personality. I had the perfect name in mind, Calamity! Her nickname is Mitty which fits quite well as she looks as if she has mittens on her feet with those poly paws!

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