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Tarheel Paws Carolina Son Shine

CFA registered


dob 7.1.13

Red Classic Tabby w/ White

dna HCM N/N


Carries mackerel tabby


Bred by Bonnye Caldwell and Ann Gibbs of Tarheel Paws


I just adore this girl. My sweet Carolina! Carolina had a rough start prior to joining Son Shine and is a nervous girl due to it. Once she's comfortable she is just the sweetest girl in the house! She has that fabulous muzzle and all that white! We are so thankful to Ann for allowing her to join Son Shine!  She has blessed us with some amazing babies and she has been one of our very best moms. She will have one more litter here at Son Shine and will then retire.



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C. I had a name in mind when we went to pick up Carolina. Well, that name didn't seem right! Carolina was coming from North Carolina, however, we met Anns husband in South Carolina. It clicked, Carolina. It was a gorgeous sunny day and this sweet little girl was just so precious and bright.

She would be Carolina Son Shine! 

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