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Gambler Dom Sapfiroff

WCF registered

CFA registration pending

dob 7.29.19

Black 4wd Polydactyl

HCM/SMA/PKDef n/n by parentage (testing to be done). PKD n/n by DNA

Bred by Sofija Karpuhina of Dom Sapfiroff (Russia)

We had been looking abroad for a new boy to import that would take Cowboys place in 2020. We really wanted a dilute solid poly boy and although Casino is solid and poly, he likely doesn't carry dilute. We didn't care! I fell in love with is pictures when he was just 4 weeks. We spent several more weeks watching him and waiting, making sure he was developing properly and would work for us, and then the decision was made! He would in fact be the newest boy for Son Shine Coons!

Casino has that rich black coat that we love! He has great ears with those paint brush lynx tips! We love his big bright eyes, round muzzle, and those big ol' poly feet! As if that wasn't enough, he is the biggest love! He just cries for attention and will let you hold him for...days! He loves to be in your lap. He's just the sweetest! We couldn't be more thankful too his breeder Sofija for allowing him to join us. We know how special he was to her and her trust means so very much. 


Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C. When I first inquired about Casino his breeder hadn't given him a name yet. He was part of her "G" litter so it needed to be a G name and she let me choose. After lots of thinking and going over my list of names, I liked the name Casino for him. Ya know, hes got that black jack ace of spades kind of look to him! We thought since his call name would be Casino, Gamber would be a good G name! Sofia agreed so his registered name is in fact Gambler! 

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