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SonShines Pure Chaos

CFA registered


dob 4.10.14

Solid Black

HCM, PKD, and SMA N/N by DNA

Retired December 2018


Produces dilute, ticked tabby, classic tabby


Son of our very own retired CoonCatCabin Shine Keeko Shine

Bred by Son Shine Coons and Coro Coons


I was hoping that the perfect male kitten would come along out of Keeko to take Keekos place in our breeding program. That male kitten had some very large shoes to fill. Chaos has done it! This boy is above and beyond with personality. So much like his daddy! He's so care free, a big talker, and just a happy playful boy. He is 16lbs at 24 months and maturing beautifully! He is long and lean and definitely still has some growing and filling out to do in the next couple years! A huge thank you to Coro Coons for the help of making this happen! Chaos has produces some gorgeous babies for us here at Son Shine and we are so excited to have two of his girls here to continue his lines in our program!


Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C. When the decision was made to keep Chaos, Cole and I started thinking about names. We had a few picked out but we were leaning more towards Chaos than any others. Boy did we pick the right name! He is such a kitten and he truly is PURE CHAOS!

We wouldn't have it any other way!

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