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Tassel Magic Glamourous Daylight P

WCF and CFA registered

dob 4.10.19

Blue and White


Front Feet Polydactyl

Richie from Tassel Magic x Galleria PP from Tassel Magic

Bred by Elena Karyakina of Tassel Magic (Russia)

We had been hoping to import a new boy for some new lines to take Cowboys place in 2020. We were looking for a dilute solid poly boy and we found him! When I first saw Cobalts pictures I couldn't believe he was available. He was exactly what we wanted and needed for our program! I immediately messaged his breeder for more information and started the process of adding him to our family! He was just meant to be a Son Shine boy!

Cobalt is a handsome blue and white boy who is polydactyl on his front feet. Coming from Russia he brings that import look as well as new lines to our program which is exactly what we were looking for. His tall well placed ears with heavy lynx tip are perfect! He has beautiful perfectly shaped eyes, a strong profile with nice chin and a nice round muzzle. On top of his good looks he is so so very sweet! He purrs constantly, loves to head butt you for attention, and rubs on you until you are making sure he is the center of anything and everything! He really is exactly what we were looking for and we couldn't be more thankful to his breeder Elena for allowing him to be a part of our program!

Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C. When we found Cobalt he already had his registered name of Glamourous Daylight. I was trying to find a name that would work with that but couldn't find anything I liked. After chatting with two amazing friends of mine the name Cobalt was suggested. I kind of liked it! After a few days thinking on it and getting Coles opinion, we decided it was a great name for him! You know, seeing as how he's blue and all! 

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