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SonShines Party with Confetti

Retired January 2017

CFA registered


dob 1.11.15

Brown Patch Mackerel Tabby with White


Carries the solid gene



Bred by Bonnye Caldwell and Son Shine Coons


This precious little girl was a surprise. When we brought her mom in we didn't know if she was pregnant. Then as some time went on it was clear that she was. She blessed us with three beautiful babies and I very quickly fell in love with Confetti. She has beautiful markings and a great muzzle. She's a sweet girl that just purrs as soon as you touch her. She loves to play and is a thinker. She will focus and figure something else unlike any other cat in the house!


Confetti blessed us with one beautiful litter. We have decided to retire her early though and she will get to live out her life as a spoiled pet! She lives with a wonderful family right here in Georgia with our retired queen Koemi.



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C. I had a name in mind for a patch tabby if I added one to our family. When we started to consider keeping Confetti, the name came to mind, but I wanted to make sure it fit. Boy does it ever! When I think of party confetti, I think of something fun, pretty, pretty messy, and just all over the place! That's our girl!!! Confetti is the perfect name for her!

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