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KanuCoons Keona of Son Shine

 CFA registration pending


dob 5.8.17

Tortie with White 

HCM/SMA/PKD/PKDef n/n by parentage



Bred by D and Angel Grammer of Kanu Coons


Love at first sight! I spoke with Keonas breeder, Angel, the Monday night she was born and saw quick snap shots and immediately fell in love! I've wanted a tortie for quite some time but it needed to be the perfect one. I wasn't looking but Keona let it be known that she was the one! She has exceeded every expectation and we have enjoyed watching her mature in to the beautiful queen that she is becoming!

Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, Keona brings in some lines that are special to us as well. She's a beautiful, special girl and we are so blessed to have her here. We can't thank D and Angel enough for allowing her to join our home. Can't wait to see what she offers to our breeding program in the future!



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C sound. When Angel was thinking of a theme for the litter Keona is part of, she wanted some special names as Keona was joining us and her sister Xaria was staying at Kanu Coons. As some of you may  know, I love Hawaiian names. In Hawaiian, Keona means God's gracious gift. It seemed so fitting and needed to

be her name!

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