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KanuCoons Firefly of CoroCoons

CFA registered


dob 6.29.17

Red Classic Tabby

HCM/SMA/PKD/PKDef n/n by parentage 


HissyFitCoons Artemis x Tarheel Paws Hopper of KanuCoons

Bred by D and Angel Grammer of Kanu Coons (Alabama)



What an absolutely gorgeous girl! Firefly joined Coro Coons in Georgia as a baby and I drooled over her from day one. When Cindy decided to retire from breeding, both she and Angel (Fireflys breeder- Kanu Coons), agreed to let Firefly join us here at Son Shine!

This girl has all the looks. Not only is she a gorgeous redhead, she has a fabulous muzzle, great ears, perfect eye shape, an amazing coat, and that awesome bigger size we all love about the Maine Coon Breed. She is incredibly sweet and a phenomenal mom. 

Firefly has had a few litters prior to joining us but we hope to have just a couple more with her retiring early 2023. If we're lucky she will bless us with an amazing baby to keep!



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C sound. With that being said, Firefly came to us at the age of 3 and we didn't think changing her name was necessary. Cindy of Coro Coons named all of her cats after alcohol brands. Firefly was named after Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka!

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