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Zaika Family Stars

CFA and WCF registered


dob 8.29.15

Blue Smoke Tortie with White


Bred by Oksana Abdulkhakova of Family Stars Cattery (Russia)

Retired May 2019


What a girl! After loosing our two silver girls and one solid gril from our breeding program, I decided I needed to add a blue smoke tortie with white. I knew it would take me a while to find a girl who was from healthy lines, strong pedigrees, sound confirmation, and clear, nice color. When i first spotted Kaiza I was in love! She was perfect! Everything was perfect! Then the surprise of her personality when she arrived! Kaiza is such a sweet, playful, relaxed, but curious girl! She has no fear, loves to be held, and loes to play!


I can't thank Oksana enough for allowing this gorgeous girl to make the trip to the USA and join Son Shine Coons! Her color is just gorgeous! She is a nice big tall girl with a beautiful coat. She has wonderful ear placement and lynx tips and a great profile. We just adore her! We now have her daughter, CC, as part of our program and Kaiza is enjoying retirement with a wonderful family here in Georgia! 



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C. I had a few names in my head for miss Kaiza but known of them seemed perfect. After chatting with my mom one day, she gave me an idea! Kaizas given name from her breeder is Zaika. Mom sggested I switch the Z and the K in Zaika and we got Kaiza! I love it! Kaiza it is and it fits her!

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