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KanuCoons Kalina

CFA registered


dob 2.2.16

Blue Smoke


Retired October 2020

Bred by D and Angel Grammer of Kanu Coons


We introduce Kalina! Kalina is a gorgeous blue smoke girl bred by D and Angel of Kanu Coons. They had kept her for their progam and did have one beautiful litter from her. They were planning on placing her as they kept her full sister from a different litter but then offered for her to join Son Shine. I adore blue smokes (thanks to our retired stud Keeko) and couldn't resist!


Kalina is an incredibly sweet girl! She purrs constantly and demands attention. Just the personality we hope for! She's produced some amazing babies here for us and we now have her gorgeous daughter Coozie to continue those lines in our cattery. 



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C sound. Kalina didn't join our home until she was 17 months old, however, she was given the name Kalina by Angel when she was a baby. Seeing as how it fit with our theme, it stayed! We think it is a beautiful name and suits her well!

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