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KanuCoons Kamari of SonShines

CFA registered


dob 4.14.20

White (Gold Eyes)


Carries Solid and Dilute


Forest Wild Charm Eliot of KanuCoon x SonShines Kavara of KanuCoons

Bred by D and Angel Grammer of Kanu Coons (Alabama)


I've got a thing for a gorgeous white coat! Kamari is a special girl. Her lines go back to our French import, Liz, and joined our family after the sudden loss of her grandmother, Calamari. As soon as we lost Cal, I reached out to Angel of Kanu Coons. Angel had a Calamari daughter (Kavara) who just happened to have a litter at that time. In that litter were a couple of gorgeous white girls but in the end, we knew Kamari was going to be the one to join us. 

We are so happy with the way she has developed over the years. I see so much of her great great grandfather in her. She has deep amber colored eyes, perfectly shaped and placed ears, and that big juicy muzzle we all love. She is so easy going and gets along with everyone. We have her daughter from her first litter, Cotton Candy, to continue her lines in our program, although we will continue to watch as we may just need another white girl to join the crew!



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C sound. I played around with several names when trying to find the perfect one. Kamari means moon in Arabic and seeing as how she's white, we found it fitting. I also loved that it combines both her mom (Kavara) and her grandmothers name (Calamari). 

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