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KarmasAngels Cascading Son Shine


Retired November 2015

CFA registered


dob 2.19.14

Smoke Tortie w/ White

HCM/PKD n/n by DNA



Bred by Marsha Ewing of Karmas Angels Maine Coons


Wow! Just look at this girl! I can't thank Marsha enough for allowing Kaydee to join the Son Shine family. I had been following her since the moment she was born. It wasn't until she was 4 weeks old when I finally caved. I had to have her! This girl is just gorgeous. Not just that, but she's so sweet! She's our "easy going" girl in the house. She just lets all the other cats be.

We just adore her!


Our beautiful Kaydee is now retired and living the life in New Jersey with a very good friend of mine. She even gets to grow old with her daughter Trinity. We are thankful for the two litters that Kaydee blessed us with and are so excited to have her daughter, Cannoli, to carry on her legacy. 



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C. You see all of those colors in her coat? Kaydees actual name is Cascade. We pulled Kaydee from that. To me, her colors are so soft and just flow right in to one another. Reminds me of a waterall just cascading down a mountain. Cascade just seemed to be the name that was calling!

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