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CoonCatCabin Shine Keeko Shine



CFA registered


dob 4.4.12

Blue Smoke w/ White

dna HCM N/N


Carries ticked tabby, classic tabby, and pointed


Bred by Linda Stewart of Coon Cat Cabin Maine Coons



It was love at first sight the day I saw Keekos picture online. There was just something about him! He was 4 months old and already 7lbs. He had this sweet yet mischeveous expression in his eyes. When I contacted Linda and she offered him to me I was thrilled! I couldn't wait to bring him home!


Keekos personality is absolutely amazing! He is such a character! He's a big boy, a talker, loves his car rides, and just so sweet! He produced gorgeous babies with personalities above and beyond. I can't thank Linda enough for allowing him to join my breeding program. We are blessed enough to have his son, Chaos, who will take over in our program. Keeko has retired and is living out his life being spoiled rotten by a very dear friend of mine. She has claimed him since the day he came home!



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C. The name Keeko is special to me. When I was young, I went on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic. Our tour/travel guide/companion on that trip was a hoot! He had so much personality but was a very nice gentleman. His name was Keeko and I knew that one day I would use that name. When I saw Keekos picture, I knew it would be the name. I asked Linda if she thought it may fit him and she told me it was perfect! That was it. Keeko it was!

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