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KanuCoons Kerenza of SonShines

CFA registered


dob 4.7.18

Silver Patch Tabby with White


Retired February, 2022


Forest Wild Charm Eliot of KanuCoon x KanuCoons Xaria

Bred by D and Angel Grammer of Kanu Coons


A true dream come true! For years I had been watching and waiting for the perfect high white/van/harlequin girl to join Son Shine. I came close several times but it just never worked out. When Angel was waiting for this litter to arrive I just knew it was the litter with my special girl! Sure enough, first one born was this gorgeous girl! I'm beyond thankful to Kanu Coons for allowing this gorgeous girl to join the Son Shine Family and for making a dream come true for me! 

Kerenza is a gorgeous black/silver tabby with white. She is 3/4 European lines offering some great new lines in to our program. Her ears are perfectly placed, tall, and furnished with those beautiful white lynx tips. Her profile is wonderful and that juicy muzzle is just awesome! She is a nice big solid girl too with a wonderful long tail. She's just a dream and we are excited to have her daughter, Quila, to continue her lines in our program. 



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C sound. Angel and I were working together to come up with a name for my gorgeous dream girl. Angel came up with the name Kerenza. I decided to google it and accidently clicked on images. One of the first images to pop up was the name Kerenza on a red background with a purple butterfly! Purple butterflies are very special to me AND Kerenzas liter name was Butterfly! The name Kerenza means LOVE. The amount of love I have for this sweet girl and the amount of love I have for D and Angel, it just seemed perfect!

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