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ClassyCoons Kipenzi Son Shine

CFA registered


dob 11.21.15

Blue Classic Tabby  

HCM n/n by Parentage

Retired June 2017

Bred by Terry Edmonds of Classy Coons


Wow! Those were my exact thoughts when I first set eyes on Kipenzi! This little girl has it all. Just look at her! I can't thank Terry of Classy Coons, and Ann of Tarheel Paws, enough for helping make this little girl a possibility for us. Kipenzi is so affectionate and loves her snuggles! She is fearless and keeps us laughing at each of her quirks! Penzi has a great classic pattern on that beautiful blue full coat and wonderful tall ears with amazing paint brush lynx tips! Kipenzi blessed us with one handsome little boy in her first litter. She did have several complications though and due to those, we decided it was in her best interest to live out her life as a spoiled pet!



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C sound. I wanted an awesome name for such an awesome girl! Kipenizs given "litter" name was Coyote and her litter theme was wild things. I wanted a wild and fun name for her so the search began! I stumpled upon Kipenzi. Kipenzi is african for beloved and this precious girl is just that. Penzi for short! 

Side note- When Penzi first came home she loved to play hard to get. You would go to pick her up and she would sprint a few feet and sit down and wait. As soon as you got within arms reach she would sprint again. I felt like I was chasing a chicken! You know that image, running around a yard bent over, arms out, trying to catch a stubborn chicken? Needless to say, Kipenzi has also gained the nickname chicken, and chicken nugget!

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