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Ilyam du Tresor Blanc

CFA and LOOF registered


dob 5.9.13

White (Blue Eyes)

Masking brown mackerel tabby

dna HCM N/N

Carries solid

Retired January 2017


Co-owned by Coro Coons

Bred by Jessie de Brabandere of Tresor Blanc Maine Coons (France)


My dream Maine Coon was a blue eyed white boy. I searched for months for the perfect boy and fell in love with Kiz the moment I saw him. There was one problem; he was in France and his breeder would not ship via cargo. How in the world would I get this gorgeous boy here? I looked in to everything, even flying there and back in two days! Then I heard about Tristan Anderson of KidGlove Travel (now retired). I am so thankful for Tristan and his help getting my big handsome dream boy to Georgia. It took me 4 months but he made it! 


Jessie had told me how sweet and loving Kiz was. It's true. He's a sweet boy with quite the motor boat! He's a playful boy! Even at a year and a half, he still runs and plays just like a kitten. He was 21lbs at 18 months and not done growing! I truly feel blessed to have had him as a part of our breeding program! He has offered us some gorgeous babies with great personalities! After offering us several litters over the years, Kiz has earned his place in retirement!



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C. Kiz' registered name is Ilyam which was done so by his breeder prior to him joining us. When I was trying to figure out a name for him here, I was explaining to a dear friend all that we went thru to get him. All of the struggles figuring out transportation and such and she said something that was key. She told me that it was kismet, it was meant to be! That's it. My handsome white prince was here and he was meant to be here so his name is Kismet,

often referred to as Kiz!

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