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Jezabel du Tresor Blanc

Retired January 2017

CFA and LOOF registered


dob 7.30.14

Brown Mackerel Tabby



Carries solid


Bred by Jessie de Brabandere of Tresor Blanc Maine Coons (France)


Wow! I have to pinch myself sometimes when I look at the blessings I have received and see these gorgeous cats that surround me. Koemi is exactly what I love in a Maine Coon. She's a big girl with a gorgeous clear patter. She has a wonderful muzzle, soulful eyes, and awesome tall ears with paintbrush lynx tips! Her personality is so much more. She just loves to love! I can not thank Jessie enough for trusting us with not just Koemi, but also Kiz. We will forever be thankful for these gorgeous cats that are such an enhancement to our breeding program!

Unfortunately after two years of trying, Koemi just didn't have an interest in being a mom. Rather than risk something happening, we decided to spay Koemi and retire her. She now lives out her live with a family here in Goergia along with our retired queen Confetti. 

Unfortunately our gorgeous Koemi just does not want to be a mom. After trying several times with a few different males, she refuses to get pregnant. For her own safety, we've made the decision to spay her and place her in a pet home.  I know that her happy sweet self will enjoy being center of attention!



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C. I was at a loss when I was thinking of names for Koemi. I wanted something different. Well, when I showed her baby picture to a dear friend of mine, she told me it looked like she was smiling, and it did! So, I started looking for a name related to "smile". I then found Koemi. Koemi is japanese for the word "smile". It was perfect! She's our little Koko!

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