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SmokyMountain Quinlee of SonShine

Pending CFA registration

TICA registered


dob 4.20.15

Blue Mackerel Tabby with White 


Retired February 2019



Bred by Tammy Rodgers of Smoky Mountain Maine Coons


Our precious and beautiful Quinlee! After retiring King Keeko and Queen Charisma, we no longer had blue in our breeding program. I set out on a mission to find a beautiful blue and high white girl. When Tammy caught wind and mentioned this beautiful little girl to me, I knew it was meant to be. Quinlee has such personality. She's so sweet and loving and will talk to you constantly. She has gorgeous dark golden eyes that are just striking! And I can't forget the blue spot on her nose!! A huge thank you again to Tammy of Smoky Mountain Maine Coons! 

Quinlee produced some beautiful litters for us here at Son Shine. Several of her babies are part of our sister catteries and we can't wait to watch them and see what they do! Quinlee is now enjoying her much deserved retirement with a wonderful family here in Georgia! 



Behind the name: All of our cats names start with a K or hard C sound. I've always been drawn to the Q names as well since the sound is similar but no names have fit our kittens to be. On our 5 hour road trip home with this beauty, I realized how unbelievably sweet she was with such a beautiful face. She needed a pretty but cute name. After searching and searching, I came across Quinlee. It just seemed to fit her! Her nickname is Quinn.

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