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Son Shine Families All Over the Country!

We have been blessed with some gorgeous babies here at Son Shine Coons.

We're even more lucky to have found some absolutely amazing homes for them.

Take a look at some of our babies from the past!



Click here for a map showing where our babies are now!

Max and Cleo

dob 8.2.10

Son Shines First Litter!

Max and Cleo

dob 1.11.11

Max and Cleo

dob 6.4.11

Max and Cleo

dob 4.7.12

Cleos "Guns"

Max and Cleo

dob 10.9.12

"Aeolyn" is mother to our Queen Caledonia!

Keeko and Cleo

dob 4.5.13

Cleos' Spring Flowers

Keeko and Capri

dob 9.18.13

Co-bred by Coro Coons

The Little Rascals

Keeko and Cleo

dob 10.9.13

The Addams Family

Keeko and Crimson

dob 12.27.13

Crimsons' Chipmunks!

Kiz and Carolina

dob 7.21.14

Carolinas' Vacuums!

Keeko and Charisma

dob 8.14.14

Charismas' Little Footballs

Rufus x Jazzy

dob 1.11.15

Our unexpected rescue litter!

Jazzys' Jazz Musicians

Kiz x Charisma

dob 2.10.15

Charismas' Valentines!

Kiz x Kymber

dob 3.19.15

Our little "Solo"

Keeko x Kaydee

dob 3.25.15

Our Michael Jackson litter!

Chaos x Carolina

dob 4.20.15

Carolinas' Nuts!

Chaos x Carolina

dob 4.20.15

Carolinas' Nuts!

Kiz x Kaydee

dob 9.8.15

Kaydees' Seis Bebes

Corona x Kymber

dob 9.18.15

Kymbers Beatles Boys

Kiz x Carolina

dob 10.4.15

Carolinas' USA Litter!

Killian x Callie

dob 12.1.15

Callies' Shopping Spree Litter!

Chaos x Bijou

dob 1.5.16

Bijous' Blessings!

Corona x Kymber

dob 2.24.16

Kymbers Country Stars

Kiz x Carolina

dob 3.26.16

Carolinas' Grimm Litter!